Dundee Nightlife…

Avoli Osteria | 5013 Underwood Avenue | (402) 932-7778

We're ready for @OmahaRestWeek, are you? $30/3 course prix fixe & it benefits Food Bank for the Heartland! #omaha #dundeedining #dinner #orw

It's all happening on Saturday! 11-5 sandwich & beer for $10 at our outside bar & grill! #dundeeday #omaha #happyhour #supportdundeebusiness

See you on Underwood for @DundeeDay! Be #dundeeofficial and enjoy the best combo meal ever! #omaha #takingittothestreet #darvoli #crushingit

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Amsterdam Falafal & Kabob | 620 North 50th Street | (402) 504-3223

Baela Rose | 4919 Underwood Ave | (402) 991-5363

Blue Line Coffee | 4924 Underwood Avenue | (402) 502-6707

Cupcake Omaha| 107 North 50th Street | (402) 553-7406

Celebrate America 🇺🇸 in true cupcake form! #CupcakeOmaha open today til 11pm in the Old Market and 3pm in Dundee! Happy 4th!!

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Le Quartier | 5026 Underwood Avenue | (402) 934-1289

Come get your pastries and bread now before the weather keeps you home all night! All Omaha Le Q locations are closing at 2 PM today AND we have a pastry sale!! https://www.facebook.com/lequartieromaha/posts/2291151397595132

Friendly reminder that Jalapeño Pepperjack and Roasted Garlic breads are available for a limited time this summer exclusively at the Farmer's Market. If you'd like to reserve one of these delicious loaves and... https://www.facebook.com/lequartieromaha/posts/1917379418305667

Serious Eats the best damn website out there! You can practice these foolproof tips after picking up Common Good... https://fb.me/4fGKJnuoE

This month's bread schedule is here! You can look forward to Irish Soda Bread in the second and third weeks of... https://fb.me/9i4WpMfnL

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eCreamery | 5001 Underwood Avenue | (402) 934-3888

Graduation celebrations will be quite different this year! Don't let that graduate in your life go unnoticed. Our Class of 2020 Graduation ice cream collection delivered right to their door is sure to please.

Need an End-of-the-School-Year Teacher gift that can be delivered right to their door? Be sure to check out our Teacher Collection. Perfect way to say thank you for your time, patience & love.

Don't miss out on this one! Starting today add a FREE pint of Sea Salt Caramel Brownie Ice Cream to your order during Checkout. Make your gift just that much sweeter!

Hurry, this deal won't last long and only while supplies last!

Bake Mom Smile this Mother's Day with gourmet cookies just as sweet as she.

Save her kitchen the mess and have them shipped right to her door.

Now's the perfect time to say, "I Tiramisu"! 😘

Now available for a limited time only through Personalized Bestselling Pints online. This Tiramisu flavor features sweet ice cream with ladyfinger cookies and tiramisu swirls.

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Dario’s Brasserie | 4920 Underwood Avenue | (402) 933-0799

Current wine feature - $8/glass - southern French blend. So tasty! #omaha #dundeedining #wine #drinks #tasty #🍷🍷🍷 #gobigredwine

Stop by & try our new featured wine! Pairs well with #omaha weather & listening to the Eurythmics. #dundeedining #we❤️rain #wine #fall

Join us tomorrow for a fantastic @WettenImporters event at Dario's! #omaha #beer #bestbeerlistintown #dinner #brasserie #welovebeer

Dining Notes: Avoli, Dario's celebrate Dundee event with outdoor food, drinks

(Via http://Omaha.com) http://www.omaha.com/living/dining-notes-avoli-dario-s-celebrate-dundee-event-with-outdoor/article_8efcb336-8918-11e7-ae45-67d95956cdbb.html

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Dundee Double Shot Coffee House | 118 N 50th St. | (402) 556-6494

Dundee Cork & Bottle | 614 North 50th Street | (402) 934-2118

Dundee Dell | 5007 Underwood Avenue | (402) 553-9501

Film Streams | 4952 Dodge Street | (402) 933-0259

Winter activity kits are here! Throw on a favorite winter movie and craft along with us. Video tutorials available.

Order your FREE winter activity kits & find tutorials here → http://FilmStreams.org/kits

Family & children’s programming supported by @FrontierBank

Coming Soon: IDENTIFYING FEATURES. Middle-aged Magdalena ventures north to the USA to look for her son, who left for work and disappeared. An aching story about Mexico's drug war.

Rent starting Fri Jan 29 and support Film Streams → https://bit.ly/3iN62lr

Think you've been watching a lot of movies in quarantine? Frank Beauvais’s essay film JUST DONT THINK I'LL SCREAM assembles clips from 400-plus films he watched over a period of seclusion in 2016.

Rent starting Fri Jan 29 & support Film Streams → https://bit.ly/3c5azi2

Remakes are everywhere! Let’s take a critical look at how we can learn from them!

This year Film Streams’ Daytime Education Program is going VIRTUAL. Each month we’re going to publish a new thematic video onto our YouTube channel.

Visit http://FilmStreams.org/education for more.

Think you've been watching a lot of movies in quarantine? Frank Beauvais’s essay film JUST DONT THINK I'LL SCREAM assembles clips from 400-plus films he watched over a period of seclusion in 2016.

Rent starting Fri Jan 29 & support Film Streams → https://bit.ly/3c5azi2

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Goldbergs | 5008 Dodge Street | (402) 556-2006

We're open for carry-out Omaha! Check out the website for our limited menu & hours: https://www http://goldbergsindundee.com Hope to see you soon!

Due to a water main break at 50th & Dodge, we will be closed for lunch today. We will open tonight for dinner: 5pm-11PM. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Kitchen Table | 4952 Dodge Street | (402) 502-5297

Well there’s a ton of snow! We will be here regular 11-5 today for all the cozy comfort food! Cassoulet (DF/GF), Classic Lasagna (V), 3 Cheese Mac Bake n Top (V) and Madras Style Curry (VG/Gf)!! Chili + Biscuits Packs, Brunch Kits, Grilled Cheese OR Hummus Take n Toast with


Morning!! Breakfast Box today: Biscuits n Gravy w a Dirt Bomb! Store Special:Dozen Eggs, 1/2 Dozen Biscuits, & a Quart of Gravy!! Cook up your eggs any way you like & enjoy! Here’s one of our most popular items-Sofrito Brown Rice Bowl w a 7 min Egg! Scrambled Egg Pizza today too!


Weekend Samples!! Ketchup-Creamy Herb (aka panzanellla dressing)-Steak Sauce! Any KT GENERAL Store + more order over $50 🤗Thank you for continuing to #supportlocal !!

Breakfast Box today: Biscuits n Gravy w a Dirt Bomb! Store Special: Dozen Little Addie’s Egg, 1/2 Dozen Biscuits, and a Quart of Gravy! Cassoulet, Curry, Lasagna, 3 Cheese Mac Bake n Top, and of course all the AK-SAR-BENs. Grab a few hot sandwiches too 😊Have a great day!

Morning! Biscuits n Gravy in the Breakfast Box plus the Gravy is available by the Quart. Order up some weekend 4 Packs of AK-SAR-BENs to enjoy later, maybe a Chili + Biscuits Pack and a Lasagna too. Shop our KT GENERAL store for all kinds of fun items to test out in your kitchen!

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Mark’s Bistro | 4916 Underwood Avenue | (402) 502-2203

Crisp skin chicken, black truffle-tarragon sausage, celery root, scarlet mustard, apples, confit… https://www.instagram.com/p/BVU1xSMFjyJ/

Halibut, house bacon, celery 3 ways, compressed kumquat, red grapes, puffed Farro,… https://www.instagram.com/p/BUkqzkllkPN/

#candied #compressed #kumquat

#chefsteps #chefsroll #cheflife #foodfanatic #foodporn… https://www.instagram.com/p/BUiMTAHFzKb/

Scallops, lemon baste, compressed kumquat, celery, zucchini escabeche, Speck ham, fennel,… https://www.instagram.com/p/BUc7f8FlbvE/

Remember that puffed Farro? It found it's home with roasted wild Alaskan halibut, Peruvian… https://www.instagram.com/p/BTxLRcil0UI/

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Pageturner’s Lounge | 5004 Dodge Street | (402) 933-3973

Lots of cool shows at PTL in the next few weeks and this is another one of 'em! 9pm // free // ages 21+ https://www.facebook.com/pageturnerslounge/posts/2024405791003294

Lots of cool shows at PTL in the next few weeks and this is one of 'em! 8pm next Tuesday // free admission https://www.facebook.com/pageturnerslounge/posts/2024402291003644

!TOMORROW NIGHT! We've got a full sign-up list, but that does not mean you can't still be a participant! Come engage and support women in their creative ambitions. Every opportunity to facilitate community is important, and we'll be here to welcome you! https://www.facebook.com/pageturnerslounge/posts/2003836549726885

Mark your calendars for this very important business meeting! https://www.facebook.com/pageturnerslounge/posts/1938427252934482

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Pitch Pizzeria | 5021 Underwood Avenue | (402) 590-2625

Take a break from the ❄️ and shoveling! Get in for the Pizza of the week! Creole tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, piquillo pepper, andouille sausage, roasted chicken, garnish scallions & lemon garlic aioli. #pizza #pitch #omaha #scottsdale #dundee


Wonder of the week lunch Special...stop in this week & give it a try! Snow got us all today, but see you tomorrow! Grill chicken sandwich bacon white cheddar cheese lettuce tomato on brioche bread with lemon garlic aioli. #omaha #dundee #pitch #omahalunch

We’ve had fun today, seen lots of snow today along with pizza, salads, and pasta going out to you, but want u all to be safe with this weather. Going to close up soon and see you all tomorrow! Dive careful and enjoy the evening!

It’s a good day for a Pizza Kit. Were open and would love to see you in, but if you would rather get food #togo or stop in and grab a #pizzakit togo, thats great too! Fun for the whole family to make at home! #pizza #familyfun #pitch❤️ #omaha #dundee #snowday

It’s a snow day ❄️ in #omaha but we’re open and ready to see you! Get your #dinner order in for #togo food tonight or stop in for a bite to eat tonight! ❄️ #dundee #elkhorn #westomaha

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Pizza Hut | 5024 Underwood Avenue | (402) 556-4000

Underwood Bar | 4918 Underwood Avenue | (402) 556-7727

Come out Sunday March 10th to support Mary Beth's fight against cancer. There will be food (and booze!), friends, and a silent auction. Bring that tax return money and put it towards a good cause. See you there!

We will be closed Monday the 12th while we get some work done on our new bar. Join us Tuesday for free ping pong starting at 8pm.

Come on down and be a part of our first ever ladies night! Starting at 8pm we'll have $3 drinks for all you lovely ladies.

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Kith & Kin | 5018 Underwood Avenue | (402) 991-1552