The Dundee daylife.

A B’s 66 | 4926 Underwood Avenue | 402) 553-4442

The Architecture Office | 4610 Dodge Street | (402) 551-3400  

The Barre Code | 5002 Dodge Street | 402-884-1667

A BIG congrats to Heidi for hitting 300 classes this morning!
Heidi is another one of our super strong early morning barre babes. We love having Heidi in class, her kindness radiates throughout the... https://www.facebook.com/678090622272909/posts/2173051586110131/

‼️CLUB CODE 300‼️
Welcome to the 300 club Gillian A!
Gillian is one of our fierce early morning barre clients who is always up for a challenge in any class! She’s also so welcoming and always has a minute to... https://www.facebook.com/678090622272909/posts/2168468783235078/

Check out our new merch in studio TODAY, as modeled by client extraordinaire Asiha.
Crop tops just in time for the spring and summer months.
#newmerchmonday #croptops #livebythebarrecode... https://www.facebook.com/678090622272909/posts/2167176246697665/

⚡️CLUB CODE 300⚡️
Congrats to Sara N. Who made her way into the 300 club today by doing PLANKS ON A MED BALL- say whatttt?!
Sara is a dedicated early- EARLY- am code client who always brings the strong... https://www.facebook.com/678090622272909/posts/2150108705071086/

Shout out to Emily T., who set a goal and achieved it tonight by entering the Club Code 💯 at TBC Dundee.
Emily is always positive and works so hard in class. You’ll find her at Brawl, Code,... https://www.facebook.com/678090622272909/posts/2145415008873789/

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CHI Alegent Creighton Clinic | 5002 Underwood Avenue | (402) 280.2010

Dundee Bank | 5015 Underwood Avenue | (402) 504-4000 

Dundee Barber | 103 North 50th Street | 402) 553-9707

Dundee Elementary PTO | | 402)

(1/2) Our Exec Team met with @OPSDundee Principal @KayeAKennedy last night. We came away so touched by all the thoughtful work that is going into making this coming year as safe, educational, and fun as it can be for our students, staff, and families.

Love this salute to our graduating 6th graders @OPSDundee. They’re an incredible bunch of kids and forever Wildcats!


Remember when we showed you how awesome our gardens are looking? We'd love your help keeping them that way!

Our Garden Guru set up a sign-up for the summer months: water a few plants, pull a few weeds.

Grab your slot now and feel good about helping!

Huge shout-out to PTO Volunteer Megan Slivka who spent quite a bit of time this week sprucing up the gardens around the school @OPSDundee. The pandemic may keep us from being there every day, but we all take pride in how our school grounds look. Thanks, Megan!

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Dundee Family Dental | 5006 Dodge Street | (402) 554-1333

Dundee Florist | 675 North 50th Street | 1-888-213-5300

Edward Jones Investments | 5028 Underwood Avenue | (402) 558-0168

Film Streams | 4952 Dodge Street | (402) 558-0397

Now showing: THE FIGHT, a boots-on-the-ground documentary offering an inside look at the ACLU. Virtual discussion: Tue Aug 4, 7pm CST | Film Streams Facebook page.

Rent in virtual release and support Film Streams →https://j.mp/313lwcV

Introducing a new way to enjoy a bit of the cinema experience in these socially distanced times: Curbside Concessions! Order by Thursday evening for Friday (4pm to 8pm) pickup → https://j.mp/3k1Zf7X

Help movie theaters across the country by contacting your senators and reps via the National Organization of Theatre Owners' #SaveYourCinema campaign → http://saveyourcinema.com

Now showing: In Ina Weisse's THE AUDITION, Nina Hoss (unforgettable in Christian Petzold's BARBARA and PHOENIX) plays a violin teacher who projects her inner turmoil on a new student.

Rent in virtual release and support Film Streams → https://j.mp/3f9LmRs

WE ARE LITTLE ZOMBIES is a MicroScope pick, a distinction we would normally give to films showing in the Dundee Theater Linder Microcinema that are . . . out there.

Rent in virtual release and support Film Streams → https://j.mp/3fTErNg

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Great Clips | 5022 Underwood Avenue | (402) 556-4999

Great Harvest Bread | 4910 Underwood Avenue | (402) 551-8800

Halo Hair Studio | 5011 Underwood Avenue | (402) 505-6633

We're back in business today and we have a few appointments after 2:00pm.Take a break from being a hermit and freshen up those tresses!󾌧

Celebrate this beautiful day of #equalityforall ! We want to offer any happy couple heading out to pick up their... http://fb.me/46jdDGaeY

Hey ladies!!!We are looking for a few long haired ladies to help us with a styling class. We need you from 1-4 on... http://fb.me/1dr6ZV5mn

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Hello Holiday| 5008 Underwood Avenue

The new edition of my newsletter is out, featuring three simple questions with Angela Garbacz, Goldenrod Pastries founder and author of the new cookbook Perfectly Golden.


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Janine McClintock Studios | 5013A Underwood Avenue | (402) 991-7277 

KFAB Radio | 5010 Underwood Avenue | (402) 561-2000

Listen to the latest episode of Jim Rose now, on #iHeartRadio https://www.iheart.com/podcast/960-Jim-Rose/episode/losing-an-election-in-the-mail-69442411/

Listen to the latest episode of Husker Buzz now, on #iHeartRadio https://www.iheart.com/podcast/960-Husker-Buzz/episode/more-details-coming-today-on-starting-69442124/

Listen to the latest episode of Vintage Voorhees now, on #iHeartRadio https://www.iheart.com/podcast/139-Scott-Voorhees/episode/this-rant-is-worth-600-a-69410619/

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We want to help clear the air about nebulizers! Let us help you find the right option for you- call or stop by our pharmacy today for more information!

Breath easy, live better. Our pharmacy carries high-quality nebulizer and ventilator services for your convenience. Stop by our pharmacy today so we can help you find the right fit for you!

Thankful to be a part of this community and serve YOU! Friendly reminder, we are closed today due to the holiday. Have a great Thanksgiving 😊

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Kohll’s Pharmacy | 5000 Dodge Street | (402) 553-8900

Legacy Art & Frame | 111 North 50th Street | (402) 330-6665

Matt Wayne Salon | 4950 Dodge St # A | (402) 344-4336 

Max I Walker | 4919 Underwood Avenue | (402) 558-3677

#ThankYou #Omaha for voting us 1st Place Dry Cleaner once again in @OWHnews' #OmahasChoiceAwards 2020 contest! We are grateful to each and every customer for their business and their support. Winners posted @ http://omaha.com/app/events/OCA/services/servicesWinnerList.php.

On Wednesday, the #GoodwillOmaha and @maxiwalkeromaha teams delivered 750+ scrubs to #Creighton School of Medicine's #scrubdrive. See the photos at https://zcu.io/Ck3H . Goodwill donated the scrubs, and Max I. Walker provided the cleaning services. #teamwork #goodhappenshere

Happy #EarthDay! 💙🌍💚 We not only clean + sanitize your laundry, household items, & area rugs — we do it while being a friend to the environment. 🌱 Read more @ https://tinyurl.com/ydxntewe. ♻️ #reducereuserecycle #drycleangreen #ecofriendly #sustainable #saynotosingleuseplastics


Max I. Walker recently saw the call on social media for reusable fabric masks that doctors and nurses can wear over N95s to make them last longer. Of course we think of everything in terms of laundry, so it immediately occurred to us that all those masks were going to need to be

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McMillan Antiques | 5002 Leavenworth Street | (402) 556-2522

NRG Media | 5011 Capitol Avenue | (402) 342-2000

Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance | 5006 Underwood Avenue | (402) 934-9700 

Shelby, our Community Engagement Coordinator, is in Washington, DC with Watie White this week with the #Fundred Project to discuss lead poisoning in our community. We will share our lead poisoning prevention and… https://www.instagram.com/p/ByP6LNdBM1C/?igshid=ahkud3i5ggv6

We are at ¡Vive tu Vida! at OneWorld today, and have already spoken to almost 100 people! Come on down and say hello 😁 #HealthyHomes @ OneWorld Community Health Centers, Inc. https://www.instagram.com/p/ByLZJyThEWh/?igshid=cq33y4u3iqkr

Fantastic to see one of our partners in Advancing Safe and Healthy Homes receive a 2019 National Environmental Leadership Awards in Asthma Management from @EPA. Congratulations @OHKA1! https://bit.ly/2QGy2JK

We are speechless ❤ Thank you to EVERYONE who donated on Wednesday. You are ALL #HealthyHomeHeroes ! #omahagives2019 https://www.instagram.com/p/Bx2JxhCh8U4/?igshid=57wgrw3jzxya

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One Tree Yoga | 5020 Dodge Street | (402) 551-5020

Montessori Learning Center of Dundee | 5103 Capitol Avenue | (402) 558-6018

Sara Rogers Photography | 315 North 51st Street | (402) 850-3824

Hello .@NWS and @NWSOmaha, I hope you will consider my dog Wrigley's application to serve as an emergency siren. He's been our in-house siren for 3 years now, and he's a really dedicated pup. He practices every month during the tests, and he's gotten very good. #weatherpup 🌪️📢🐶

~Phone got stolen. I'm tracking it on the app...in that house across the street. Go get my phone and arrest them!
Ofc: Let's start by turning this map upside right
~It's in the other house?
Ofc: Let's go over here
~It was in my garage the whole time?

McMillan All School Videos . . present and past. #Memories for years to come, especially for so many who are GRADUATING this year.

Today take a minute to remember @OmahaFireDept Captain John Goessling who died on April 23, 1996 when a roof fell on him at a fire that was later found to be intentionally set by a teenager. ❤️🚑🚒❤️ @omaha_scanner @OmahaFire385

Last week I had the pleasure of working with the team at Jet Linx to get them new promotional shots! Thanks for the opportunity — it’s always a pleasure working with you! @ Jet Linx https://www.instagram.com/p/Bvb8B7xg-Qx/?utm_source=ig_twitter_share&igshid=3mrz2lhnexiv

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The Center for Mindful Living | 4915 Underwood Avenue # 2 | (402) 933-4070 

Voila | 4922 Dodge Street | (402) 991-1970